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Piano no. 35, Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

The next place I visited in Paris, was an english-language bookstore called Shakespeare and Company.

This bookstore, located in the centre of Paris, at a bank of the river Seine close to the gorgeous Notre Dame cathedral, is a very intriguing place.

Founded in 1951 by George Whitman, It has been an important place for expats, writers and artists, among others. Many famous authors have visited the store.

It is also possible to stay in the bookstore as a quest. Yes, you can be accommodated there, in the upstairs there are beds along the book-filled walls. In order to stay there, you have to read one book per day, help in the store, and write an one-page biography about yourself.

Read more about the bookstore here

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Piano no. 34, Le Tennessee, Paris


Back to business after the Christmas break, which turned out to be longer than expected. We are now well into year 2016, and I hope to catch many pianos this year, but, first some from 2015.

Paris, France was my destination after London, so here is the first piano I captured there, a jazz bar Le Tennessee.

Oui je t’aime!

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