Piano no. 18, Nardis Jazz Club, Istanbul

After saying goodbye to Berlin for a while, I headed to Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is a bustling city with lots of people. I stayed in the very crowded area of Istiklal street and Taksim square. There is music everywhere; you can actually navigate by the different street musicians.

Saturday there was a huge football-related celebration going on, with people shooting fireworks and setting up bonfires on the streets. I also found a cool music and spoken word event organised for the support of refugees.

When people go to sleep, cats rule the streets.

Finding a piano took some time and searching, however. After visiting some music clubs and asking around, I was directed to Nardis Jazz Club, and got to record the first Yamaha of the quest.

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  1. mustafa savas ozkan

    Really interesting. ..Worldwide likely to listen at final 100 questo. ..