About the Song

The piece I will play is called “The Girl with Bangs” or, “Otsatukkainen Tyttö” in finnish. I wrote it originally for a jazz-prog trio named Illusion Granted we had some years back. The trio version might still haunt the Internet in a graveyard called MySpace. I have been playing it as a solo piano version sometimes, and recently I also notated it.

I chose it for this project for couple of reasons: It is one of my personal favourites, and others seem to like it as well. It is very positive, energetic and uplifting piece. When after finishing the notation for it I noticed it has 99 measures, the choice was clear.  (The ending will be stretched to add the final measure, when it is time :) )

For those of you able to decipher notation, here is the beginning of the piece, so you know what to expect next:


The notes marked in red are what I already have played. Everything that is between two vertical lines will be played with a different piano. And remember kids, ‘#’ is not a hashtag here!! 😉





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