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Piano number 5, Villa Neukölln

One fine day, a nice Blüthner grand was found in a cozy bar called Villa Neukölln, Berlin.

I have found generally Blüthners very pleasant to play, and this one was no exception. The venue, which has lots of music and dance gigs, was also cool.

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Piano 4, RIAS, Berlin

It’s time for the measure 4. On one of my evening walks I found this bar/cafe RIAS and immediately noticed the piano in the corner. We arrived one day during daytime to record the piano, and found that the door was locked.

However, we realised that during daytime the entrance is from the cafeteria side from the next door, so in the end everything went all right.

By the way, did I forgot to mention that it is the measure number 4?

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On the Road

Just a quick update from the road. I’ve been travelling this week, and this weeks piano update is postponed to Monday. Rest assured that the quest is going very well, and, also, some nice extra stuff is in making 😉

Stay tuned, and enjoy your weekend!

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Piano 3, Macondo, Berlin

This is the third measure, played at bar-cafe Macondo, at Friedricshain, Berlin.

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Piano 2, Rosengarten, Berlin

We captured the second measure at a nice bar-cafe called Rosengarten, at Kreuzberg area in Berlin.


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About the Song

The piece I will play is called “The Girl with Bangs” or, “Otsatukkainen Tyttö” in finnish. I wrote it originally for a jazz-prog trio named Illusion Granted we had some years back. The trio version might still haunt the Internet in a graveyard called MySpace. I have been playing it as a solo piano version sometimes, and recently I also notated it.

I chose it for this project for couple of reasons: It is one of my personal favourites, and others seem to like it as well. It is very positive, energetic and uplifting piece. When after finishing the notation for it I noticed it has 99 measures, the choice was clear.  (The ending will be stretched to add the final measure, when it is time :) )

For those of you able to decipher notation, here is the beginning of the piece, so you know what to expect next:


The notes marked in red are what I already have played. Everything that is between two vertical lines will be played with a different piano. And remember kids, ‘#’ is not a hashtag here!! 😉





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