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The song is coming together!

The first part of the song is now completed, and I decided to give a taste of how the song is beginning to come together.

So, here it is, the audio from the first 19 pianos played in 6 different countries combined:

I’m now taking a small holiday from posting here, but, I will be back with more pianos in August, you can be sure of it!

See you later and stay tuned!

ps. Check out what a fellow Finnish musician Alexi Laiho is doing:
100quitarsfromhel Instead of traveling around, he brings 100 guitarists around the world to play with him in a concert in Helsinki 14th August. This is going to be epic!!!

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Piano no. 19, Dada Bar, Veliko Tarnovo

Up next was a bus ride to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Situated on three hills along the Yantra river, Veliko Tarnovo has some breathtaking views, great traditional and historical atmosphere, as well as lots of cats and old ladies taking care of them.


I stayed in the city for a whole month, visiting also the nearby villages and wandering in the nature, which is truly amazing: hills, springs, waterfalls, caves, etc. I also learnt to read cyrillic letters, which was a nice bonus.

The first piano I found was found in the balcony of a place called Dada bar. The piano has been on the balcony for quite some time, since the previous owners of the bar brought it there. I was warned that it is in a bad condition, but of course that didn’t stop me. :)

So, not knowing what I’m gonna get, we went to capture the measure 19 of the song at the Dada bar. As you can see in the video, you can conveniently enter the balcony of the bar directly via stairs from the backside. Nice!

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Piano no. 18, Nardis Jazz Club, Istanbul

After saying goodbye to Berlin for a while, I headed to Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is a bustling city with lots of people. I stayed in the very crowded area of Istiklal street and Taksim square. There is music everywhere; you can actually navigate by the different street musicians.

Saturday there was a huge football-related celebration going on, with people shooting fireworks and setting up bonfires on the streets. I also found a cool music and spoken word event organised for the support of refugees.

When people go to sleep, cats rule the streets.

Finding a piano took some time and searching, however. After visiting some music clubs and asking around, I was directed to Nardis Jazz Club, and got to record the first Yamaha of the quest.

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