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Piano no.29, Jam Circus, London

I believe in the power of music to bring people and cultures together and to act as a catalyst for positive change. This was the main reason I started to do this quest, and it is now more important than ever, considering recent happenings and developments in the world.

If we give in to fear and hate, we will give our power away to those who wish to control us. It is ok to feel those emotions of course, but not to let them control you. Transferring those feelings into ones of love and hope is the challenge for us.

With that in mind, we will go now to London, which was my next stop. Coming in terms with the transportation system upon arriving to Gatwick, I took a train to Lewisham, where my place to stay for couple of days was located.

My most helpful host gave me a hint of a place nearby, called Jam Circus. So there I went, to discover a piano named Joanna. She was apparently rescued from being trashed, was then repaired, and given new home at Jam Circus, a friendly pub where there were also some nice live music later in the evening.

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Piano no. 28, Crazy Horst, Hamburg, Germany

“St. Pauli ja Reeperbahn, sinne veri vetää uudestaan!”

We did a quick trip to Hamburg, taking the bus from Berlin, and staying a night there.

Of course, in addition to seeing the city and the sights, I was looking for a piano to record. In St.Pauli area, we found this nice bar, Crazy Horst, and an upright piano in the corner. It is a Wurlitzer, brand which is quite familiar for their vintage electric pianos which have a distinctive sound, used for example by Supertramp.

So, having the good old song by a finnish singer Irwin playing in my head (see below the piano video), we captured this piano on a Friday evening. And we also found The Beatles!

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