Piano number 11, Pod Gruszka, Kraków

Sunday afternoon is beginning, and the pianist is a bit tired and slow after the Saturday night out.


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2 Responses to Piano number 11, Pod Gruszka, Kraków

  1. Christoph Johannes Lahmer

    Dear Tommi,
    I am friend of Eva Marquez and she made me pay attention to your awesome project. What a nice and peaceful idea. Very inspiring, It will be a joy to me to follow your quests. I am on a journey too, to reinvent me as pianist, after i have stopped 28 years playing piano. I follow the masterclass and retraining program PianoWell of russian pianist Emma Leiuman at Singapore. Artofpianotechnique.com. Perhaps you want to connect with her too and tell her about your project ? I look forward to your next quests. Thank you very much, and Peace and Love and Light to you.

    • tj-salomaa

      Thank you again Christoph for your nice comments!

      I had now the time to check out Emma’s site, and it is very cool and inspiring! I think I could also benefit from her teachings.

      Thank you, and much love,