No. 12, Hepcat’s Corner, Berlin

My favourite thing in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin where I have lived for 8 months now is definitely the Landwehrkanal, a canal running through Berlin parallel to the Spree river.

Landwehrkanal brings some needed stillness of nature to this busy part of Kreuzberg (and the northern tip of Neukölln). On a fine day you can see many people hanging out at the banks of the canal, others jogging, biking or walking their dogs. Couple of times during the week there is also a Turkish Market with vast selection of things, foodstuff, apparel, jewelry, fabrics, etc…

Along the channel there is also a swing music themed cafe called Hepcat’s Corner, where there are often swing dance events as well as Sunday brunches and silent movies with piano accompaniment. That means, of course, that there is a piano there.

I went there one fine day to record the measure number 12 of my piece.

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