Piano no. 14, Bella Sky Bar, Copenhagen

This piano looked so interesting in the pictures that I just HAD to get to play it. So, I took the metro south towards the Bella Sky Hotel, preparing to use all my charm on the reception staff.

And…success!!! I scored!!! We set up a date with the piano for Sunday morning.

The fabulous piano is a German Blüthner grand pimped by the famous Danish designer Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) in the 30s. (As a curiosity for fellow Finns, our design icon Alvar Aalto owned one of these pianos.)

The piano actually plays and sounds great. The looks? I think the design looks surprisingly modern, kind of timeless, though I’d still prefer the traditional looks for my living room :)

For this video, I also improvised a homage to another famous Dane, the great late Victor Borge.

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